April 27, 2010

my collection

As mentioned in my previous post, I reorganized my bookshelves (only to discover I need more — they won't all fit). Over lunch, today, I decided to do a quick inventory. Mind you, I did this quickly, and could be off plus or minus a few.

Here's the summary of the books currently on hand in the "Laura Chapman Collection":
• 301 fiction (adult and young adult)
• 60 non-fiction/ anthologies (I cheated in counting these. This includes non-fiction books, such as biographies, plus volumes of short stories, reference books, etc.)
• Seven cookbooks
• Three stylebooks (AP, APA and MLA)
• Three Bibles (New King James, New Revised Standard and New International)
• Three bound newspaper volumes
• One baby naming book (it's a resource)
• One dictionary
• One bartender's mixed drink guide
• One music book

That comes to 381 total, if my math is correct.

Interesting. I probably have that many more on my list of books I would like to own.

I don't know for sure what this says about me — especially considering the fact that I donated about 50 books to libraries and charitable organizations in the past couple of years.

Now, what would really be interesting is how many of these books I've read once, more than once or never. That would be the real scoop.

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