August 30, 2010

no. 4: getting trashy somewhere classy

No. 4: Getting Trashy Somewhere classy

Living in The Woodlands means I am close to The Waterway, a really need stretch of bars and restaurants. It's more upscale than many of the other bars in the Houston area.

My favorite spot on The Waterway by far is Goose's Acre. It's right on the water, with a fantastic outdoor seating area (except it's too hot and humid to sit out there during the summer).

Other favorite spots include Crush, an awesome wine bar (with one level on the roof), and Baker's Street. The crowd at Baker's Street is like a cross of what you'd find in a college and and old person bar. Sometimes, the people there are so absurd, but the people watching is always good.

The best part about these bars... they're only minutes from my home, which means I could get my drink on without having to worry about a long drive.

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