August 29, 2010

no. 5: at the boil

No. 5: At the Boil

On the Gulf Coast — especially when you get close to Louisiana — crawfish is considered a delicacy.

Since I started working in this area in November 2008, I've eaten a lot of crawfish. But, it's always been a restaurant, and always out of its shell.

But this spring in Spring, I went with my good friends Amber and Heather to the Spring Crawfish Festival. At the festival, you buy boiled crawfish by the tub.

It was my first time dealing with crawfish this way, so I got some advice from Amber, a Galveston native.

I didn't do too badly!

After the crawfish, I tried another fair specialty for the first time: a fried Snickers bar.

It was entirely too delicious.

And to finish the day, frozen margaritas - in a pouch that goes around your neck! So handy.

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