August 3, 2010

spicing up the news room

While going through some old papers recently, I stumbled upon a gag some of my old co-workers and I had while we worked at our college newspaper. My senior year, before the holidays, my friends and I decided to try our hands out at writing romance novels. And being competitive, we made it a contest.

The results were hilarious, and in hindsight so fitting of all of the writers. I'm just glad we had a nice mixture of men and women participating.

I'm sharing the rules and the prompt:

Congratulations on being selected to participate in the first ever Daily Nebraskan Romance Story Contest Extravaganza. With your efforts, you have made this activity a success. Well done.

Hopefully, we can leave behind a legacy of future contest participants who will continue to promote these great principles of writing.

Enclosed you will find the works of you and your fellow participants.

The rules for this contest are as follows:
1. We all use the same first line as a prompt for our story and setting (keep in mind it's a romance story, so it should be good).
2. Anything else goes. You can talk about quivering members and nipples till the vicar comes home (or even after if you fancy).
3. 500 word max. We're journalists, let's be brief.
4. We will share whatever we have done post-budget Thursday evening at 9 p.m.
5. There must be at least one other character to help "Patience" out.

Here are the prompts (courtesy of the book Johnny bought for Laura):

• Title: "Naughty by Nature"
• Setting: October 1808, Cheshire, England
• First line: "Patience Rose Farnaly was rebellious, opinionated and prone to lie."

So with that final note, please enjoy the submissions, in the order in which they were submitted to our judge. Thank you all for your participation and God Bless.

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