June 24, 2011

book review: any man of mine

Title: Any Man of Mine  
Author: Rachel Gibson
Release date: April 28, 2011

Rachel Gibson's latest offering, "Any Many of Mine," once again features beloved characters from the fictional Seattle Chinooks hockey team.

In this installment, the cast is reunited at team owner Faith Duffy's wedding to the newly-retired team captain Ty Savage. Sam LeClaire, who has appeared in other books as friend-to-the-lead, arrives at the wedding to find his ex-wife working as the wedding planner.

Autumn Haven and Sam impulsively married years before after meeting on a trip to Las Vegas. After waking up faced with the reality of what he has done, Sam walks out and files for divorce, leaving Autumn heartbroken and pregnant with their son. Now, the two haven't been in the same room at the same time in more than two years and Sam sees his son, Connor, when he can.

After realizing he is missing out on his son's life, Sam recommits to becoming a more hands-on parent and tries to repair a tenuous relationship with his reluctant ex-wife.

"Any Man of Mine," is a quick, fun read that follows in the tone and pacing of Gibson's previous Chinooks-based books. The characters have real issues and a rocky history to overcome, which is what makes the story most interesting and kept me turning pages.

There were some elements of the story that could have been developed more thoroughly. For example, both lead characters come from troubled family backgrounds, which are the base for many of their issues. Though these topics are delved into lightly, I would have liked to know more about the pasts that brought them to their present.

Overall, Gibson delivers what she sets out to accomplish with her other books — a fun, quirky tale filled with a cast of interesting characters that keep the story moving. I hope Gibson continues to marry off the Chinooks and look forward to see what she has next to offer.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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