August 9, 2011

letter from camp - 8/9/11

Greetings from Camp NaNoWriMo!

The weather is great and I'm having a great time at the August session of Camp NaNoWriMo. As of last night, I had 12,000 words written on my latest book — which is farther than I made it last month. I'm still a few hundred words short of my goal, but I'm much more motivated than I was at this point last month.

I'm getting some help from friends along the way. Not only do I have a cabin filled with fellow writers — where we can swap war stories and share tips for success — online, but my cats have been supportive, too. Check out a picture of my bunk mate, Mr. Bingley, who likes to sit with me while I work. (He's not super pleased in this picture, because I had to push him off the keyboard.)

Basically, what I'm saying is so far so good. I only battled a little homesickness over the weekend, when I didn't get much done, but I've made up for it the past few days.

Good luck fellow campers!

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