August 30, 2011

the one hundred club

I'm getting my champagne on, are you?
OK, this photo is more than a year old,
but it's the only one I have of me with
a glass of bubbly, so work with me.

Pop the cork and pour yourself a glass of imaginary champagne. Welcome to my 100th post on Change the Word.

I started this blog in November 2009 to challenge myself to become a better writer and to motivate myself to become a novelist. Through it, I hoped to better connect with the writing community and share the advice I learn with others.

So much has happened since then. I moved back to Nebraska after living in Houston for more than one year. I've gone from traveling two weeks of every month to sparingly. I've finished writing my first novel. I've queried it. A lot happened.

To celebrate Change the Word's 100th post, I invite you to join me in toasting it by counting down 10 of my favorite posts. Raise your glass, take a look and enjoy this trip down memory lane.

10. get your foot in the door contest — I am participating in contest sponsored by Gabriela Lessa's blog, which will allow me to pitch my completed manuscript to editors at Sourcebooks. The winner of the pitch for my category (Women's Fiction) will receive a free critique of the first three chapters of his or her book. It'd be a great opportunity for anyone, like me… read more

9. no. 2: the hangover part two — You've seen "The Hangover," right? Well, have you lived it? I haven't, but one night in February, I came pretty close. I guess I should start from the beginning… read more

8. spicing up the news room — While going through some old papers recently, I stumbled upon a gag some of my old co-workers and I had while we worked at our college newspaper. My senior year, before the holidays, my friends and I decided to try our hands out at writing romance novels. And being competitive, we made it a contest… read more

7. novel writing goes mobile — There may not be an app for it — at least not one I know about — but my iPhone has helped me stay productive on the novel I am currently writing. I know what  you're thinking… read more

6. soundtracks — Continuing with my last post about the importance of music in my storytelling process, I thought I'd talk about another role it played in my first novel. Without divulging many details about the story itself, I can say that several songs play a fun part. In one of my favorite scenes... read more

5. more couples to love — I wrapped up the countdown of my favorite couples in literature through Project Boy Meets Girl, but that doesn't mean it's over. In the spirit of Project Boy Meets Girl, I asked some of my friends to name a few of their favorites. Most of them chose to pick new ones, which is great, because it really builds on our list… read more

4. my first little house — My travels this week took me somewhere I've always wanted to go: the birthplace of Laura Ingalls Wilder, one of my favorite authors. Born in a log cabin 7 miles north of Pepin, Wis., Wilder went on to move around the country with her family then wrote the Little House series… read more

3. twenty four — Today is my birthday. For whatever reason, turning 24 hit me hard. Turning 23 was great. Fact: I rounded up my age to 23 since December the year before my birthday. But, 24 just seemed so much older. I think I just thought… read more

2. project boy meets girl - it's a wrap — Well, it's over. After more than a year of planning and weeks of reading through old favorites and writing up these posts, I'm done counting down my favorite literary couples. Here's the final list… read more

1. fiction gets real —  Some people dream of visiting the Great Pyramids or Eiffel Tower. I dreamed of visiting DeSmet, S.D. I devoured Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House series as a young girl, and still consider These Happy Golden Years my all-time favorite book. I wanted to see all of the places where my beloved stories took place… read more

I hope you enjoyed this TV-clip-show-like montage to the blog. I've enjoyed writing these posts, and I hope they have some meaning to you, too. Thank you for your readership. It means a lot to me.

Here's to 100 more posts and the new adventures ahead.

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