August 25, 2011

say what?

Here's an important lesson on the importance of taking a step back and looking at the big picture.

Someecards shared this picture and description under the heading, "15 products made unintentionally offensive by careless sticker placements."

 These stickers not only tell you the prices of products, but also how little attention is being paid by the people who put prices on products. As these examples show, all it takes is a few inadvertently obscured consonants or vowels to transform a wholesome tale of family life in the 19th century into a riveting drama about an underage prostitute being pimped out to pioneers by a ruthless Michael Landon. Let us know if you find any more of these out there, even if you're a store clerk who "accidentally" makes one yourself.

Thought it's a little funny (and a little sad to see one of my favorite childhood books labeled this way), it does serve as a good reminder on the importance of self editing. A typo removing (or adding) a few letters can make a big difference in how a statement appears to the world.

It's easy to make mistakes like typos or grammatical errors, but the important part is taking a moment to reread what you've written and to correct them (before it gets posted on a humorous website).

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