August 31, 2011

still a winner

Fellow writer and blogger Gabriela Lessa posted the winner for the contest I entered on her blog, today. Unfortunately, it wasn't me, but I'd like to offer my congratulations to the winner, Kristin Contino. You can read more about it here.

There were great entries in this category, and I'm sure judging had to be tough.

Even though my submission wasn't selected, the process was beneficial. I learned a lot about the importance of making an excellent first impression. I am even more determined than ever to make my story stronger.

I've made a few changes to the book already:
1. The book has a new title. Hard Hats and Flip Flops is now Hard Hats and Doormats (This really isn't a big deal in the end, because a publisher could change it, but I think every story needs to be called something.)
2. I cut out a chapter. I might work it in somewhere else, but I wanted to get to the action faster.
3. I have a new pitch. "A reformed pushover takes charge of her life and finds love and the courage to start over while working in the cut-throat Gulf Coast chemical industry.

Thoughts? I value any feedback.

Again, congratulations to the winner and thank you, Gabriela, for the chance to participate.


  1. Hey Laura! I saw your post on twitter. I wanted to let you know there is another writing competition you could enter on It's a new social interactive publishing company. You upload the best 10 pages of your work, a summary, and make a profile. Then other people read and support your work. If it reaches the required support level, we publish it with all the amenities of a real publisher...advance and all! It is publishing for the people we like the say.
    If it doesn't reach the required support level, then it comes down and you are all the wiser for the experience. Anyways, until Oct 15th we are looking for the best 3 submissions, and they will all win iPad 2's. Your book sounds great and we would love to see it on the site. Best of luck to you! - PUBSLUSH

  2. I checked out the website and it sounds pretty cool. I'll be sure to look at it more closely.

    Thanks for the feedback!