September 7, 2011

get cooking

Hi, I'm Laura Chapman, host of "Reading in
the Kitchen," the new blog show where I
make delicious dishes from or inspired by
books. Check Change the Word for new posts
every Friday. As you can tell by my custom
Husker apron and perky smile, I am highly
qualified to do this.
When setting a scene, some writers have a knack for details. Whether it's the color of a person's ball cap or a scent wafting through the air, the description makes the reader part of the experience.

Food is a descriptor that always gets me. Not only can I imagine the cake baking in the oven or the pie cooling on the shelf, but often reading about it makes me want to eat it.

After years reading about the foods and wanting them, I decided enough was enough. I am going to make them — and write about it.

This week on Sept. 9, I will kick-off a new weekly series, "Reading in the Kitchen." In each Friday's post, I will share a dish taken from or inspired by a book. I will share a brief description from the book, the process I underwent to make it and the final recipe.

Hopefully you readers who cook, or are always hungry after reading about food, will enjoy these posts as much as I will. I love books, and I love cooking and baking, so this seems like a great way to indulge both. I'm quite excited about it.

Please send me your book and food ideas. I will do my best to try them out.


  1. Excellent idea! I can't wait to see what you cook up!

  2. Thanks, Mama Hen. I'm super excited about it, too. I'm already geeking out about it creating lists of possible dishes.