October 6, 2011

money can't buy friends

 No. 5: Suze from the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella

When the series begins, Becky Bloomwood lives with her best friend Suze Cleath-Stuart in London. The women are more than roomies, and their friendship continues long after they no longer live together.

The history

Becky — or Bex as called by her friend — and Suze met before the series begins when the former covered a financial conference the latter worked at. (Actually, Suze worked for Brandon Communications, Luke's company until she was fired. But she was OK with it. She came from money and didn't particularly care for the job.)

Favorite scene

In an attempt to cut back on her spending and save more money, in Confessions of a Shopaholic (or The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic in the UK), Becky tries several approaches, which end up costing her more money. One of her failed money savers was to make homemade curry. Not only did she blow a bunch of money on it, but she ended up making it so spicy it was inevitable.

Suze, the good friend she is, pretends not to notice and eats bite after bite. All along, she tells Becky how delicious it is, until her friend makes her stop. This shows the type of friend Suze is to Becky. Though she doesn't shy away from intervening when her friend is out of line, she is also first in line to support her friend.

Other scenes I love:
•  In Shopaholic Ties the Knot, Suze and Luke apparently hatch out a plan for him to propose to Becky with a ring that is tucked inside Suze's bouquet at her wedding. The whole scene is lovely, especially because Suze can't stand to wait until the end of the festivities, but throws the bouquet immediately after the ceremony. The good friend she is, Suze more than willingly gives up some of her limelight as the bride to ensure her BFF's happiness.
•  In Shopaholic & Sister, Suze stages a rescue mission to find Becky, who became lost in the wilderness with her half sister. It's semi-dramatic, but fun. What makes it best, though, is Becky and Suze tell each other how important they are, even though recently they have been somewhat distant, because of their recent life changes.

Why I love him/her/them

Everyone needs a Suze in their life. Someone who will help you meet goals — such as when Suze begins making picture frames to help Becky make more money. Or, when she helped Becky hold an auction to sell her clothing to pay off her debt.

We all need someone who will tell you when you are in too deep or acting crazy — which is what Suze does when Becky contemplates abandoning both of her weddings to elope with Luke after many people put a lot of time and effort into her American and British nuptials.

There are countless other ways Suze offers assistance to Becky, whether it's a huge production or a brief phone call. She is the type of modern friend we all want. Someone who loves you, has your back and shares an honest relationship with you.

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