October 23, 2011

book review: remember me?

Title: Remember Me?
Author: Sophie Kinsella

In Remember Me? Lexi Smart takes a fall at 25 and wakes up in a hospital bed three years later. Only, instead of having a loser boyfriend, crappy career and awkward appearance she is married to a successful millionaire, a corporate big shot and beautifully poised.

Though she seemingly has awoken with the perfect life of her dreams, Lexi comes to learn that appearances are not everything and that fabulous isn't always better.

It's hard to say much about this without spoiling all of the surprises, but I will say I loved this novel. I started reading it at about 10 p.m. thinking I could get through the first few chapters before bed. I ended up staying up most of the night to read it. I wanted to know what happened next and next, and sleeping didn't seem important.

The story is such a unique premise — a woman loses there years of memories and most live her life without knowing how she got there. And while she tries to fit into her new life and understand how she got there, she must deal with the frustration of being unable to trust her mind or heart.

Though elements of her story were emotionally difficult to read, Lexi was a refreshing and appealing protagonist I bonded with instantly. I was outraged or overfilled with joy on her behalf, which is what I most look for in a read.

While carrying Kinsella's signature wit and humor, the book also touches on tough issues, such as lost friends, backstabbers, adultery and family problems. But Lexi has a good heart, perseverance and a true desire to love that she tackles each problem as it comes.

As usual, Kinsella delivers a well-crafted and entertaining story about a woman overcoming the obstacles and challenges thrown at her.

If you're a Kinsella fan like I am, Lexi's story should resonate well with you and be interesting, because it is filled with new twists and issues not dealt with in her other stories.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


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