October 23, 2011

book review: twenties girl

Title: Twenties Girl
Author: Sophie Kinsella

In Twenties Girl, Lara Lington is visited by the spirit of her great-aunt Sadie. Sadie wants Lara to find a beloved necklace that has gone missing, and she can't rest peacefully in eternity without it. Along the way, Sadie meddles in Lara's personal, professional and romantic life trying to press her beliefs and notions.

Honestly, Twenties Girl was not my favorite Sophie Kinsella book. In fact, it's probably the one I like least.

Not that it wasn't well-written. When you pick up one of Kinsella's books, you can always count on quality writing and witty banter. The characters and story arcs are well-developed. You can also always count on her books being fast-paced and entertaining, which makes it difficult to put down.

While the premise was interesting, I didn't connect with Lara the way I did with her other characters. And though Sadie could be entertaining, usually I wanted to throttle rather than embrace her. She frequently puts Lara in super awkward situations, and I cringed reading them, because I felt so bad for the protagonist. This left me tense throughout much of the reading, and I hate being tense.

And though he was not my favorite leading man, Ed was still OK as a love interest. It takes a while for him to seem like a suitable match for Lara or for him to be sympathetic to the reader. But, he gets there eventually.

I guess I just wasn't that into this book. And that's OK. You can't fall in love with every book. I would still recommend it as a read to Chick-Lit fans. Even my least favorite Kinsella novel is worth a read, because her work consistently shines.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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