October 24, 2011

creating a writing space

The focal point of the barbrary — the adult fiction and nonfiction section, complete with art gallery.

I have received requests for an update on the barbrary, but sadly I haven't had much to report since my original post. Until now.

With NaNoWriMo a week away, I have this desire to simplify and organize my life in a big way. My novel is already planned and ready to go, so I don't mind taking a little of the time I would have spend plotting tidying.

This weekend, that included me spending a couple of hours on the barbrary. For those of you who don't know, in May the kittens and I moved back into the house my three siblings and I periodically rent from our parents at different times in our life. Right now I'm living with my two older brothers, aka the broomies. Unfortunately, one of the broomies doesn't care for the kittens, so we've been sent to live underground. In the basement. Slowly, but surely, I've been turning the unwelcoming basement into a home. Part of this plan is my barbrary.

One of the cool features of our 1970s house is the built in bar in the basement. It is its own separate room, but includes an arched doorway and two arched windows, which open into the main area. Wanting to conserve space, I combined two of my favorite things into one (i.e. bars and libraries) and created a barbrary.

I previously loaded bookshelves and hundreds of books into the room. I later added some wall art, but the rest of the room was storage. (After fully furnishing apartments on my own for a few years, it's hard to know where to put everything in a shared space.) These weekend, I went through a lot of the boxes. Though there is still a lot of clutter on the actual bartop, I managed to move everything else out. This made room for my desk and computer, which previously sat in the main room.

My goal was to create a fun writing spot for myself when I need to buck down and write. Typically, I can work anywhere, but sometimes I need the discipline of a desk. Plus, my desktop computer is not hooked up to the Internet, so it cuts out on that distraction when it's crunch time. I imagine I'll put this area to use next month when I'm aiming at that 50K mark.

So, enjoy these photos to see the progress of where I am. Hopefully, by next year, I'll have everything put away, the bar itself re-finished and some fresh paint on the walls.

Check back later today for my weekly NaNoWriMo update!

My desk and desktop computer are now placed in the room near one of the windows.
That's a bookshelf with writing books and supplies on it up against the bar.

Next to my desk I have a memo board where I post notes for my current projects.
Check out all the reference and style books.
This is my young adult bookshelf, which is located behind the bar.

Eventually those baskets on the liquor shelf will be organized with writing and craft materials.
(I don't plan on having this bar stocked, because there isn't running water right now,
and the idea of unwashed sticky cups down there grosses me out.)

The Harry Potter pillow my sister gave me years ago *finally* has a place in my home.

I moved one of the kitten beds into the barbrary for the times I am in there writing.
Bingley is my shadow when I'm home, so I want to make sure he's cozy while I work.

Bingley approves of the new spot for our fab IKEA barstools.

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