October 12, 2011

holy pumpkin!

For this year's book-inspired painted pumpkin, I took on an illustration more challenging and scary than any I'd done before.

Now, for the big reveal... the 2011 Halloween Bookish Pumpkin is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

I haven't read the Jane Austen-horror mash-up, yet (the library hasn't had a copy in months), but when I sat down to paint my first pumpkin of the season, it just felt right.  The book, gruesomed up by Seth Grahame-Smith, sounds funny, despite the added gore.

On the back, I painted the opening words of both books:

I hope that by keeping books on my brain — whether I'm cooking or pumpkin painting — I'll be more motivated to work on my unwritten novels. Motivation will be essential with NaNoWriMo around the corner.

I hope you can find your own inspiration wherever you need to look.

Happy Fall and Halloween from Change the Word!

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