October 24, 2011

nanowrimo update 10/24

Today, I will begin giving weekly updates on National Novel Writing Month in hopes it will better encourage me to cross the 50,000-word mark. I'll give a progress report, set new goals and give any other reflections I might have.

Progress report:
•  I completed my 10-scene tool planner and chapter-by-chapter outline of the book.
•  I made revisions to the outline.
•  I cleaned and reorganized my kitchen as part of my de-clutter-and-simplify-my-life plan.
•  Installed and used a shoe organizer for my closet.
•  Created a writing space in the barbrary (free from distractions of Internet and TV).
•  Wrote two overdue book reviews.
•  Completed reading a new book for review (check back Sunday to read my full-length review).

Goals for next week:
•  Finish cleaning my bedroom/ great room.
•  Finish two more new books for review.
•  Write two overdue and three new book reviews.
•  Research and stock up on nutritious and convenient meals and snacks to eat on those days when writing is more important than cooking.
•  Sign up for weekly exercise classes to de-stress.
•  Finalize blog guest posts for November.

In case you haven't heard, this November my awesome friends will help me keep this blog afloat while I dive into the insanity that is NaNoWriMo. In addition to my weekly progress reports, book reviews and Reading in the Kitchen, the blog will feature guest posts from some of my fabulous and creative friends. Topics will include reading, novel writing, screenwriting, editing and more. I am blessed to have so many talented friends, and I can't wait to read their offerings.

Who knows? If this goes well, we might make this a November tradition!

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  1. Good luck! I think I'll definitely have to try out your plotting method! I have character names and a few solid sketches, along with half an outline (I'm going for 100K this year) but I still feel unprepared. Thanks for sharing your method with us! I hope that it can help me get organized ;_;...