October 20, 2011

pbff announcement

I will not be posting Project BFF No. 2, today, because... I got caught up writing my National Novel Writing Month outline late last night. And I finished it.

I'm pretty excited and already feel a huge sense of accomplishment. This is the most on the ball I have ever been for any of these NaNo ventures (I was sadly unsuccessful at completing both sessions of Camp NaNoWriMo).

The work isn't over, though. I plan to continue to work on this outline to make sure the order makes sense and to further develop my characters to see if they have anything else they need to say in this book.

So, apologies if you visited, today, hoping to read PBFF. Never fear, I'll post it eventually.

While I'm at it, this is a good time to mention what will happen on this blog in November. I'm actually totally excited about it. To help me generate content while I NaNo, I have an awesome group of friends who have agreed to write guest blog posts for me. I'll feature aspiring and published novelists, journalists, editors, screenwriters, book-sellers and book lovers. I will continue to release a new "Reading in the Kitchen" post every Friday, as well as short update posts through the week, but the real excitement is going to come from these guest blogs. I can't wait to read what each of them has to say.

I am lucky to have such talented friends. Now I have the chance to show them off.

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