October 5, 2011

postcards from the road 10/5

Scavenger hunt item No. 3: an obscure historical marker. This one is for Jaques La Ramie, a free trapper who "met an unknown fate, probably at the hands of Indians." A river is named for him, I guess. "Tradition says he was an honest, just and courageous leader and trader."
As fun as traveling can be, there are times when doing it constantly will grate on you. To make it more exciting and interesting this week, I challenged one of my good friends, who happens to be a co-worker, to a travel scavenger hunt.

Here's how it works...

The rules: Between Oct. 5 at 7 a.m. CDT and Oct. 7 at 5 p.m., the person who finds and photographs the most items on this list wins. If one person completes the scavenger hunt before this deadline, she ones. Photos must be uploaded to Facebook by noon Saturday, Oct. 8, to be considered. Tag the other contestant when uploading photos to help her keep score. Photos MUST be taken during travel. Photos taken at home will be disqualified.

Prizes: The person who wins will not only have the tremendous satisfaction of winning, but she will also be the recipient of a free round of drinks purchased by the non-winner.

Scavenger hunt checklist:
•  A railroader protecting a shove movement.
•  Fast food or restaurant employee giving peace sign.
•  A fort you built.
•  Fire truck
•  Self-portrait drinking a lovely adult beverage
•  Self-portrait with strip club in background
•  An insignificant historical marker (has to be REAL random, bro. Nothing anyone but a total geek would be into)
•  Self-portrait in full PPE (with hard hat) inside dress shop
•  A person with a mullet or rat tail
•  Handmade sign with double entendre
•  Self-portrait wearing a cowboy hat
•  Local, small town newspaper
•  Something military
•  Motel clerk's feet
•  A clown
•  Self-absorbed jackass
•  A novel open on a restaurant table
•  Kittens in a basket
•  A famous scene you recreated from a movie
•  Random stranger yelling or gesturing angrily

My friend and I each picked 10 of the items, so each of us had a say in what we will track down. Some of them are hard and will require me to step outside my comfort zone, but the adventure will be worth it. Tonight, as I get ready to call it a night, I'm pleased to say I've checked off 11 items on the list. Wish me luck!

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