November 10, 2011

book review: proof of heaven

Title: Proof of Heaven
Author: Mary Curran Hackett
Release date: Nov. 1

At times heartbreaking and others uplifting, Mary Curran Hackett's debut novel, Proof of Heaven, provokes reader thought and engagement.

Fast paced and intriguing from the first lines, the novel delivers on the high expectations set from the beginning. The well-crafted and captivating story is about mother's dedication to save her inexplicably ill son and his journey to find proof of life after death. The mother's troubled brother and the boy's dedicated doctor join the duo on their quest for answers.

The character-driven story shows that pasts filled with happiness and sadness, love and disappointment can still be turned into hopeful futures. The array of topics and emotions raised throughout the story lends itself to discussion.

Hackett, who earned a master's degree in English Literature from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, leaves the reader thinking and wondering long after the final page.

Rating: 4.5 of 5

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