November 28, 2011

book review: shattered dreams

Title: Shattered Dreams
Author: Anna James

Anna James continues to deliver a quick, interesting and suspense-filled story with Shattered Dreams, book two in the Bradford Sisters Trilogy.

Middle sister Natalie is newly married and expecting a baby with her hunky husband Reed. Nervous about the prospect of becoming a mother, she balances her worry, new job and house hunting with her marriage.

But after suffering a miscarriage, Natalie builds a wall against Reed while she copes with the loss. Though he tries to help, the distance between the two grows deeper. When each suspects the other of infidelity it is clear their marriage might be in trouble.

Unlike many stories where it begins with new acquaintances meeting for the first time, Shattered Dreams tells the story of a young couple struggling with the obstacles in their lives. Despite the problems, and though the wedge between them grows larger, the reader never doubts their love for each other. However, it does pose and answer the question: Is love enough to save a marriage?

The well-crafted story is a quick read, and carries on the themes established in the first book. I look forward to reading book three when it is released in January to see what is in store for the youngest sister.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Be sure to check back to read my review of Bradford Sisters Book Two: Shattered Dreams and a guest post from author Anna James later today.

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