November 24, 2011

many thanks

Happy Thanksgiving, my fellow Americans! For those of you reading, today, from somewhere else... happy Thursday.

Throughout the month, my thoughts always inevitably turn to the many blessings in my life. Today, I thought I would share some of the things I am thankful for this year.

1. My friends and family. It shows up on everyone's list, as it should. Without their constant support, and the occasional kick in the rear, I would not be on the path I am. Also, if you've been reading the blog this month, you know many of my friends stepped up to help me with guest posts, which allowed me to focus on National Novel Writing Month

2. My puppy and kittens. Though Buddy, my parents dog, and Jane and Bingley, the kittens, can be distracting and naughty, few things in the world bring me greater joy. Plus, they're adorable.

3. Post-it notes and index cards. They keep me organized, they help me brainstorm and they are convenient and mobile. Both made it onto my Christmas list, to my family's amusement.

4. The mixing bowl set my mom gave me for Christmas two years ago. I use them for everything. There is no way I could make any of the Reading in the Kitchen posts without them. The 10 bowls range in size from large to tiny. Everyone who sees them is instantly jealous. 

5.  Accordion folders. Index-card or 11x17, I love these. I have them for all of my novels in progress and every story idea I have. I use them for research and note taking. You better believe I stock up on these every fall when school supplies are on sale. 

6. Nora Roberts' new trilogy. Who doesn't love it when one of their favorite writers comes out with a new series? 

7. To be living in a mouse-free house. If you followed Mousegate2011 on Twitter, then you know I'm sleeping better every night knowing the only creatures roaming my house are the kittens and broomies. 

8. Having the chance to visit two Laura Ingalls Wilder sites this year. As part of my business travels this year, I was able to see both LIW's birthplace in Pepin, Wis., and De Smet, S.D., where a majority of the Little House books were set. LIW's books helped me fall in love with reading and writing. Seeing the sites was educational and inspiring. 

9. The Packers are undefeated, even if my Huskers aren't. Today Green Bay plays Detroit. As much as I love Ndamukong Suh, you'd better believe I'll be cheering Go Pack Go! And I always have love for my 'skers, even if they hit a few rough patches. I'm looking forward to starting a new Day After Thanksgiving tradition with the Iowa Hawkeyes (especially if NU wins). 

10. My Twitter writing posse and you readers. Looking back at 2011, this was definitely the year I discovered how much the Internet can help me with the writing process. In the past, I used social media for fun, but now I see it as a way to network and build my education. I am becoming a better writer thanks to all of you.

Thanks to all of you. Enjoy this time with your family and friends. Now, if you'll excuse me, the broomies and I are hosting Thanksgiving dinner.

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