November 14, 2011

nanowrimo update - 11/13/11

I'm officially behind.

Even taking a few minutes to write this post fills me with guilt. I should be devoting my time to National Novel Writing Month, right?

I am about two days behind right now, which isn't terrible, but disappointing and frustrating. At this point last year, I had closer to 10,000 words than the suggested 20,000-plus. I've come back from worse, but still. How can I be behind? I mean, I had plans to succeed going into this month. I should be one of the NaNoWriMo participants boasting 40K words in week two.

Despite my best efforts to stay on task during week one, I allowed myself to be led astray by current events, new TV show episodes and a never-ending desire to take naps. My mom tells me it's doubtful my office or house has a gas leak or that I've suddenly developed a sleep disorder. The time changed a week ago, and she says that can mess with my sleep cycle. I suppose I should be relieved, but it's such an ordinary excuse. I wish I had better.

I'm learning a valuable lesson with all of this — one I would have thought I knew already. Distractions are everywhere, and it is easy to make excuses. What is the solution? I suppose it is to stay more focused and to stop making excuses. (And maybe I should stop checking Twitter every five minutes.)

Despite my frustration and disappointment in myself, I am still determined. I'm not too far behind, and I can rally. I may not earn this week's reward (a mani-pedi). I'll have to squeeze in about 5,000 words of writing, today, if I want it, and I don't know if I can. But I know I'll try. I'll get as many words down as possible, and I won't give up.

How are all of you doing on your goals? Any advice on how I can get myself out of the writing dumps and back on the path toward NaNoWriMo gold?

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  1. Good post Laura! I'm feeling the same...not totally behind but not where I thought I would be. I like how you put "Distractions are everywhere, and it is easy to make excuses." cause that's what I've found myself doing. But I'm determined to make it. No more excuses. Focus focus focus. Glad I have someone to share the ups and downs of writing with.