November 21, 2011

nanowrimo update - 11/21/11

Despite my best efforts to prevent it, I am ill.

I had my first ever flu shot in October, drink more water than usual and cut back on fast food, and somehow I managed to get a rogue cold.

But I'll manage.

I'm still a little behind on my National Novel Writing Month word count, but despite the cold I significantly narrowed the gap this weekend. How did I do it? I just forced myself to write for at least three hours each day. I've gone from being 7,000 words behind to having a manageable 3,500 words to go until I catch up.

I'm mostly pleased I managed to get above 30,000 words this weekend. It made me feel like I did something. And it officially puts me in better shape this year than I was at the same time last year.

And I think I can do it by tonight, which would be ideal. I promised myself that if I met my word count goals by 11:59 p.m. tonight, I would take myself to Breaking Dawn - Part 1 during the Thanksgiving weekend. If I don't make it, then I have to wait until Dec. 1.

I've so got this.

I am also pleased to be done with a couple of other projects. I had them hanging over my head, and for the most part they're done. With the holiday weekend coming up, I'm confident I'll really chip away at that 50K goal.

How are the rest of you doing on your NaNoWriMo goals? Any tips you can share?

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