November 29, 2011

nanowrimo update - 11/29

I'm going to be brief with this National Novel Writing Month update. Here's why:

Yep. I am about 1,200 words away from reaching the 50K goal, and I am thrilled.

I'm excited by the direction my story has taken. I'm motivated to keep writing after I get to the winners circle. And I'm pleased I overcame the little challenges that always come up.

About a week ago, I was not sure I would do it. Honestly. I got behind after nearly catching up, and I felt defeated. 

This week was another exciting one. Despite getting a flu shot, I caught a cold-like virus (not the flu, I was assured, but something similar). I missed part of a day of work, slept as much as I could and... I still managed to narrow the gap where I had gotten behind the previous week.

After a few light days (day before Thanksgiving when I was baking, Thanksgiving when I was cooking and Day After Thanksgiving where I was cooking, shopping and football watching), I got serious about writing and devoted part of Saturday and most of Sunday to my story. And I caught up.

Even after another mousegate 2011 experience, but I won't get into that, because it resolved quickly enough.

The point of this random and somewhat nonsensical rant? I found away. I ignored all of the excuses I normally use to prevent myself from writing, and I worked around it to meet my goal. That's an important lesson to learn after midnight rolls around tomorrow night and NaNoWriMo ends.

So wish me luck, and I'll report back soon with how my attempt to finish today ends.