November 25, 2011

read shop cook - recap

In honor of Black Friday, I decided to make a dish inspired by one of the literary world's best shoppers: Becky Bloomwood of Sophie Kinsella's Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Because I was off from work, today, I decided to make and Tweet about it live. You can read the original post here to learn more about it.

Here's a recap of the Twitter feed in case you missed it or want to try it for yourself:
@lmchap: OK, it's time to begin my live blog of Becky Bloomwood's curry from Sophie Kinsella's CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC #ReadingintheKitchen

@lmchap: Putting a medium-sized saucepan on the stove to heat up frozen veggies. Using 1 c cauliflower and 1 c green beans. #ReadingintheKitchen

@lmchap: Fresh veggies will work (and I'll use some later), but my local grocery store was sold out thanks to Thanksgiving. #ReadingintheKitchen

@lmchap: While those cook, I'm slicing half a large onion. Also putting water on for Quinoa to serve the curry on. #ReadingintheKitchen

@lmchap: Now to grate 1 tbs peeled Ginger root #ReadingintheKitchen

@wonderingwest: "@lmchap: Now to grate 1 tbs peeled Ginger root #ReadingintheKitchen" @GhostGinger RUN

@lmchap: Just added to 2 tbs olive oil in wok on medium heat. #ReadingintheKitchen

@lmchap: Added onion. Will let simmer a few minutes while I slice two carrots and half a red pepper. #ReadingintheKitchen

@lmchap: Just added veggies to wok. Look at all those colors. #ReadingintheKitchen

@lmchap: Just added a cup of garbanzo beans/ chickpeas. Will let this simmer 5 minutes while I get the spices. #ReadingintheKitchen

@lmchap: I also put the quinoa in the boiling water. Quinoa is a great source of iron/ protein/ fiber. And it's delicious. #ReadingintheKitchen

@lmchap: I'm adding 1 TBS curry powder and 1 TSP cumin for seasoning. I'm going to reduce heat to low to let the spices sink in. #ReadingintheKitchen

@lmchap: If you'd like to make this a Bridget Jones turkey curry with your Thanksgiving leftovers, add shredded turkey now. #ReadingintheKitchen

@lmchap: When I remove this from the heat in a few minutes, I'll add 1 cup of PLAIN yogurt. (The plain is important.) #ReadingintheKitchen

@lmchap: The quinoa is almost done. I turned off the heat and squeezed in the juice from one lemon for taste. #ReadingintheKitchen

@lmchap: Spooned some quinoa onto a plate and topped it off with curry. Here's how it looks. #ReadingintheKitchen
@lmchap: Just took a bite. Thoughts? Delicious. Not too spicy. Lemon in quinoa really added something nice. #ReadingintheKitchen

@lmchap: And with that, the live blog of #ReadingintheKitchen is done — Just in time for the Husker game. #GBR Thanks for following.
My final thoughts?

This was kind of fun. It was a little more stressful, because my iPhone Twitter app had some issues and I had to live blog it all from the laptop. I also wanted to be done in time to watch the Husker game.

If you thought this was fun please let me know. Maybe I'll try it again another time.

Hope you all have a great weekend, and thanks for reading!

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