December 28, 2011

best of 2011: top entertainment picks

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Welcome to Change the Word's Best of 2011, where I recap the best moments from the blog and entertainment community this year. Today, we cover my favorite moments in entertainment. Instead of creating a top 10 ranking, I picked one or two favorites in each category.

You will notice the lack of books on this list. Don't worry, my top 10 favorites reads of the year will appear tomorrow.

With that, I introduce my top entertainment picks 2011: 

•  Comedy: Bridesmaids

•  Drama: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2
and Jane Eyre

•  Comedy: 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation 
•  Drama: Bones
•  Best line: "It's like, why didn't I resign in disgrace 12 years ago?" (Parks and Recreation)

•  Best album: Adele - 21

•  Best love song: Lady Antebellum — Just a Kiss
•  Best breakup song: Chris Young — Tomorrow
•  Best song to cry to: Adele — Someone Like You
•  Best song to jam to: Bad Meets Evil featuring Bruno Mars — Lighters
•  Best workout song: LMFAO — Sexy and I Know It  
•  Best car sing along: David Guetta featuring Usher — Without You 
•  Best car dance music: Maroon 5 — Moves Like Jagger 
•  Best Nebraska reference: Lady Gaga — You and I 
•  Best I-had-to-look-up-the-lyrics-to-sing-along song: Kenny Chesney — Somewhere With You
•  Best music video: Katy Perry's Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)

•  Websites: and
•  Meme: Feminist Ryan Gosling

Moments (SPOILERS)
•  Colin Firth wins Academy Award for Best Actor.
•  The Royal Wedding. My friends and I made T-shirts and drank mimosas, people, and then we went to work. It was an epic experience.
•  The gingerbread office scene in Parks and Recreation's mid-season finale.
•  Brennan telling Booth she was pregnant in Bones' season finale.
•  The Emmy nominees for best actress in Comedy rushing the stage during the awards show for a beauty pageant moment.

•  New Tech Device: iPhone 4S (If you don't have Siri, then you don't even know.) 

Now it's your turn: What were your favorite entertainment moments from this year? I'm sure I missed more than a few, so let's hear it.

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