December 8, 2011

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Twelve Days of Writing No. 4: Look for story inspiration in your daily life.

You can find a story anywhere. I truly believe that. I look for story arcs in everything I do. Sometimes inspiration can come in the most seemingly mundane, or completely disgusting and nearly life-ruining way. (Read on and you may think I'm overstating this, but I stand by my opinion.)

If you follow me on Twitter, then you know for 10 days this fall my life was dominated by a rodent. After the temperature dropped a mouse moved into my house, and in my fear I got a little irrational. Fortunately, I had the good sense to live-Tweet the whole thing.

Here are  few highlights:
Oct. 26
lmchap: Just saw a mouse in the house. Did what any sensible person would: screamed, grabbed a broom and called my brothers. #aaaahhhhhh

Oct. 30
lmchap: The mouse situation is tearing my household apart. Broomie and I just fought again about who and what is to blame. #IWantMyLifeBackMouse
lmchap: Broomie: "Do you want to know the truth or for me to protect you?" Me: "The Truth." B: "I saw the mouse again." Me: expletive.
lmchap: B: "Your anger is displaced and doesn't help, dude." Me: "Neither does your calm. And don't call me dude." #Mousegate2011
lmchap: Me: "Our home has been violated. RU OK with that?" B: "I don't like it either, but you have to accept it." Me: "Never. I want my life back."
lmchap: As I stood in the kitchen, broom in hand, shouting "Show yourself," I realized broomie was right. I may be overreacting. #mousegate2011
lmchap: Made Broomie escort me through kitchen to basement where kittens took over to lead me to safety. Scared of another run-in. #mousegate2011
lmchap: Briefed the kittens. They're ordered to destroy the unwelcome guest if it makes an appearance downstairs. I deputized Jane. #mousegate2011
Jane: a good mouse-catcher no more.
Oct. 31
lmchap: I'm told a squirrel ate part of my Edward Cullen pumpkin's face. #SadDay #RodentsAreRuiningMyLife
Nov. 2
I screamed when a squirrel ran across the road in front of me. Mouse in the house may have scarred me for life. #mousegate2011

Nov. 3
After a few days the mouse is back. Eff this. I'm bring the kittens upstairs to hung. #mousegate2011
lmchap: Broomie may not be happy about it, but I can't live like this any more. I mean the mouse actually squeaked at me! #mousegate2011
lmchap: So far they've been up here 10 minutes and nothing. I hope it doesn't take much longer. #mousegate2011

How we finally caught mouse.
Nov. 4
lmchap: Mouse isn't confined to floorboards, it seems. Had an unpleasant run-in with him while walking through kitchen this morning. #mousegate2011lmchap: I tried to grab the kittens to attack it, but wasn't fast enough. That little sucker is sneaky. And evil. #mousegate2011
lmchap: I blame cartoons for making mice seem cute and funny. In reality, they're terrors. I hate mouse. #mousegate2011

Nov. 5
lmchap: Mouse in the house has gone on too long. I'm giving this a shot, tonight:
lmchap: We got the bastard. I caught it using the homemade trick and released it in a park. #mousegate2011 may be over!
Do you think there might be a storyline somewhere? I sure do. While I do not think Mousegate 2011 could carry a whole plot, I definitely think it's something I can weave into a bigger story as a fun subplot.

I suggest keeping track of quirky moments like this in your life. Log them in your journal, or type up a few notes. Do whatever it takes to commit it to memory.

For Mousegate 2011, I have a document with every Tweet I, or one of my friends, posted about it. I also took notes about details that didn't make it into the Twitterverse. If I ever decide to write about my near scared to death experience, I'll be ready.

Giveaway challenge: Have any of you used a real life event to inspire fiction? How did it work? 

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  1. I once in a while will use real life events for inspiration. Doing NaNoWriMo, I was surprised at how events from my life would pop in there, many times unconsciously just as I wrote. I put my own spin on it and I felt it worked well. I think in some way things from my life always find a way in there, even if I don't mean for them to.