January 10, 2012

bad boys

Vile Villain No. 9: Daniel Cleaver of Helen Fielding's Bridget Jones's Diary/ Mr. Wickham of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice

Spoiler alert: This post contains specific Plot information.

Daniel Cleaver and Mr. Wickham are one and the same as far as bad guys go — especially, because one was based on the other.

Both men are smooth, witty and attractive. Their ability to seduce the fairer sex know no limit. They know they have this power, and they use it.

In short: they are heartbreakers. Even if a broken heart will not kill you, it can devastate.

Daniel Cleaver breaks Bridget's heart when she finds out he is engaged to another women - even though he was sleeping with her. Mr. Wickham ditches Elizabeth Bennett first for a wealthy heiress and ultimately runs away with her youngest sister.

Add to that Cleaver slept with Mark Darcy's wife and Wickham basically abducted Mr. Darcy's sister to get her fortune, and you have a bad guy. Oh, and then each lied about it to secure Bridget and Lizzy's affection.

What makes each such a notable villain is their ability to appear good and wonderful when they actually prey on others to fulfill their selfish needs. They prove bad can be hidden in an appetizing package. Pity.

Check back next Tuesday for the next two baddies added to the Vile Villains list. Learn more about the Vile Villains series here.

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