January 11, 2012

book review: catch up day

My list of books to read and review gets longer every day. Not that I am complaining. It is a fantastic problem to have.

But I have to stay on top of this, or it will overrun me. So, today, I am going to play catch up (not to be confused with Ketchup).

Here's the plan: I will post book reviews of four recent reads throughout the day — and you get to help me by reading them.

Exciting, I know. Actually, I am excited. These are all books from my personal "to read" list (rather than ones sent by authors, publishers, etc.), and I typically don't give myself much time to read them. It's always a good feeling to get to these books, too.

Here are the book reviews you can expect to see posted, today, and when:
•  Smooth Talking Stranger by Lisa Kleypas (9 a.m. CDT)
•  Promises to Keep by Jane Green (11 a.m. CDT)
•  The Next Always by Nora Roberts (1 p.m. CDT)
•  Breaking Even by Kathleen Kole (3 p.m. CDT)

I enjoyed putting them together, and I'm thrilled to finally post them to the blog. As liberating as it feels to finally push these through, maybe I'll do another post-apalooza this month.

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