January 5, 2012

introducing vile villains

I know. It is not 2001, and I am not Willa Ford. But admit it: bad can be good.

Consider your favorite heroes and heroines. Now think about how many of their stories have an equally, awesomely bad villain. Sometimes, the villain is an enemy of war, a bad boss or just plain competition. In some instances, the hero or heroine's battle against the villain is the main plot of the story. Other times it is a small story arc. Regardless, they bring the drama — and occasionally some humor — while making the story more memorable.

You know I'm right.

Beginning next Tuesday, Jan. 10, I will honor my top 10 favorite baddies in literature with a five-week series: Vile Villains. Every Tuesday at 7 a.m. and 2 p.m., I will post a new baddie to add to the list.

Though I will be the first to admit my list will be purely subjective — this is my list, and I'll put whoever I want on it — I will look for key traits. For example, how the character operates as a stand alone, the impact he or she has on the protagonist and why he or she matters to the overall story.

Expect to see a variety of genres featured on this list. However, I will not feature any graphic novel characters at this time. Though I have read some — and have seen fabulous villains featured — I will not include any at the time. (Who knows? Maybe I will do a list of Vile Villains based on graphic novel characters in the future.)

With bad guys and gals on our minds, I have to ask: Who are your favorite villains? My list is already done, but I want to know who you love to hate, too. 

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