January 12, 2012

thursday tv preview - 1/12/11

Welcome to my first ever Thursday TV. Tonight will be a good one, with all three of the shows I plan to review airing. It will also be a good mix of shows to watch. One show is premiering its season, the second its midseason premiere and the third has a midseason finale. 

Now, to see what is in store tonight. 

Spoiler alert: The following contains plot information about previously aired episodes. 

30 Rock (NBC: 8 p.m. EDT/ 7 p.m. CDT)
Refresher: Liz was still single at the end of last season, and looking forward to spending her summer hiatus learning Spanish and spending time outdoors as part of a community service section gang. Jack's wife is still kidnapped, and he's raising his daughter solo. Tracy won an Academy Award, but lost some of his clout by returning to TGS and his wife's reality TV show is a hit. And so on.

Up tonight: The new season of 30 Rock is FINALLY here, and I'm super excited.

Here's an interview with Alec Baldwin, who gives a quick preview of the season:

My thoughts: In addition to James Marsden, several other fabulous guest stars are signed on for this abbreviated season. Most of all, I'm excited to see what is in store for Jack and Avery's story line with her in North Korea.

* * *

Parks and Recreation (NBC: 8:30 p.m. EDT/ 7:30 p.m. CDT)

Refresher: Before the mid-season break, Leslie and Ben rekindled their romance and went public with it. In return, Leslie received a two-week suspension from work, dropped to a 1 percent approval rating in her city council race and lost her political advisors. Ben "resigned in disgrace," and decided to turn down a boring accountant job to pursue other options. As a Christmas gift to Leslie, the rest of the Parks and Rec cast volunteered to help Leslie win her campaign.

Up tonight: In "The Comeback Kid" (Season 4, Episode 11), Leslie and the Parks and Rec crew attempt to revamp her Pawnee City Council campaign with a swanky event. Meanwhile, Ben kills time while he figures out his next step.

My thoughts: Now that we don't have to worry about Ben and Leslie getting back together, I'm looking forward to a story arc focusing on her campaign. If the show follows the precedent set with the Harvest Festival arc from Season 3, it should be a funny and sometimes unpredictable ride.

From the looks of this preview, it should be a funny episode:

* * *

Bones (Fox: 8 p.m. EDT/ 7 p.m. CDT)
Refresher: During the first few episodes of this season see Booth and Brennan together as a couple expecting a baby. In her third trimester we are only episodes away from their daughter's birth. The Jeffersonian also welcomed a new squintern as a replacement for Mr. Nigel-Murray. Angela and Hodgins are adjusting to life as young parents, and we really haven't seen a whole lot into Cam or Sweets' personal lives. (Sweets did get a gun, I suppose.) Oh, and the crew solved some murders.

Up tonight: A new serial killer will be introduced in "The Crack in the Code" (Season 7, Episode 6). Word is this guy is super smart and tech savvy, which should create some good drama. Also, Booth and Brennan will finally find a place to live, together.

Check out the promo:

My thoughts: Tonight's episode was originally planned to be the midseason finale, so expect to see a cliff hanger. We'll be back in a few months.

Note: Because this episode is airing at a different time to allow for the series premiere of Bones spin-off The Finder, I will post this review Friday night.

In addition to posting my reviews of these shows tomorrow, be sure to follow me on Twitter @lmchap. I will Live Blog some of my impressions during the shows.


  1. I can't wait for parks and rec, though the Christmas one is my favorite of all time and I think nothing will top it! I hope that Bones gets better because I have not loved it as much this season. I love your Thursday TV. :)

  2. Thanks, Whitney! I agree with you on both Parks and Rec and Bones. P&R has some momentum, though, and I hope they keep it going and surprise us. As far as Bones, I'd like to see more "wow" moments coming up. I'm hoping this new villain will pep things up a bit.