January 26, 2012

thursday tv preview - 1/26/12

Tonight's 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation offerings look to be good, here's what we have in store.

30 Rock
Season 6, episode 3: Idiots Are People Three

After causing rage in idiots everywhere last week, Liz will have to find a way to appease Tracy, who is joined by his fellow idiots in protesting TGS. She will also have to deal with the ramifications of Jack meddling in her personal life — namely her new relationship with Criss. Jack, who is preoccupied, will also face off with the infamous Devin Banks.

And don't forget Jenna and Kenneth are wrapped up in mayhem with Kelsey Grammer and their Best Friends Gang.

With lots of guest stars, and a story line to continue from last week, this episode has the potential to be funny.

Parks and Recreation
Season 4, episode 13: Bowling for Votes

Running against the likable, if not completely idiotic Bobby Newport (guest star Paul Rudd), Leslie and Ben decide to host a bowling night. Meanwhile, April, Chris and Jerry will hold a competition to see who can raise the most funds.

Here's the official word from the Knope 2012 website:
Hello, Pawneeans! Do you want to meet Leslie Knope? Do you think Leslie Knope isn't the kind of person you would go bowling with? Do you think you can bowl better than Leslie Knope? Do you bowl an average of 132 and base your opinion of others on how they bowl, Derrick? Then come down to the Rock N' Roll Bowling Alley this Thursday and meet Leslie Knope. She is running for City Council and wants your vote, but just as importantly, she is a really good bowler.

This show is all about the details — I encourage you to check out this and the Pawnee Parks Department and Harvest Festival websites. Too funny. (And I want that "I Met Li'l Sebastian" T-shirt.)

I'm loving this campaign plot, and I'm sure tonight's episode will be hilarious. Plus, who doesn't love bowling?

Check back tomorrow morning for my recaps and reviews of these episodes.

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