February 14, 2012

galentine's day!

Let the crafting and assembling begin.

Presentation is everything.
Parks and Recreation fans know Feb. 13 is much more than the day before Valentine's Day. It is Galentine's Day, a day set aside for women to celebrate their best girlfriends.

Inspired by Leslie Knope and her crew, some of my friends and I decided to hold our own Galentine's Day celebration.

We strayed a bit from the Parks and Rec girls' plans. Instead of meeting for brunch we had lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Instead of whatever breakfast-y beverage those girls drank, we had margaritas (or a daiquiri for one). What we kept the same was good company, delicious treats and funny gifts.

Channeling my inner Leslie, I wanted to give my friends something a little ridiculous, but fun. In addition to candy, stationary and some odds and ins, I also gave some old books a second chance at love.

That's right, I gave away a few of my old romance novels, dubbing them "Recycled Romance." As silly as I thought most of them were, I still wanted them to go to a good home.

Preparing the books for
adoption day.
I created a few different packages of two or three books falling in different themes. For example, I gave one friend two books with the same title (The Marriage Bed). Another received the royal treatment with three paperbacks with noble titles in their names (Prince, Lady and Duke).

I even sent two of my friends in other states Galentine's gifts themed with their new homes. One received two books set in Florida, and the other, a recent Texas transplant, received one book set in Nebraska and one in Texas.

With each book, I included a short note to explain the theme and assured my friends they were in for a few laughs (though not always intentional).

The response was just what I hoped. My friends thought the gifts were funny, and I think they may actually give their books a read. That means I'll finally have someone I can talk to about the laugh-out-loud moments from each story.

My inaugural Galentine's Day celebration was a success. I shared some books and laughs with friends. We made new memories. We had a good time. Yesterday reminded me of the importance of cherishing and celebrating every relationship — even the non-romantic ones.

The delicious cupcake my
friend gave. So good!
Whether or not you have a special someone to spend your Valentine's Day with, I hope you will take a few moments to remember the other loves in your life. Whether it's a good (or kinda bad) book, two naughty (but adorable) kittens or a best friend, think about it and appreciate it every day.

Also, don't let your books sit and gather dust on your shelves. If you don't think you will read it again, share it with someone else. Give it another chance at telling its story.

Check back at 2 p.m. CDT today for another special Valentine's Day post.

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