February 3, 2012

parks and recreation: operation ann

Blogger's note: While I'm taking a few days off to hang out with friends in Los Angeles, one of my good friends and fellow Parks and Rec fans was good enough to write this fab review about it.

By Katie Steiner
Guest blogger

Before I jump in to reviewing last night's Parks and Recreation, I would like to thank Laura for asking me to cover for her this week. I am in LOVE with this show, and I LOVE any opportunity to talk about it. On to the review...

It's Valentine's Day in Pawnee, and everyone is getting in the spirit...well, almost everybody. Let's start with Leslie and Ben. For their first Valentine's Day together, Leslie has Ben go on an elaborate scavenger hunt to find out where he is to meet her at the end of the night. Alone, Ben can't figure out the many, many clues that Leslie has planted around the city. He enlists the help of Andy, who mostly makes a mess rather than be helpful, and Ron, who turns out to be a riddle genius and figures out the majority of the clues.

While the guys are running around town, Leslie has made it her mission to find a man for Ann. She enlists the rest of the Parks Department to bring eligible bachelors to the Pawnee Valentine's Day dance. They all fail, of course, (Jerry brings a gigolo....oh, Jerry) and Ann tells Leslie she's going to call it an early night. But when Leslie leaves the dance, she finds Ann in her car getting glammed up for what she assumes is a date with Chris, who is still mourning his break up with Jerry's daughter. This upsets Leslie because of what Chris put her and Ben through with the trial and Ben's resignation. She's about to let it go, until she tells Ben the news and he convinces her they must go call Chris out for going on a date with his subordinate. But when Leslie and Ben follow Ann, they find Ann with a surprising date.

It turns out that April, who was asked by Leslie to help find someone for Ann, noticed during the dance that the only guy who made Ann laugh was Tom. Yes, the same Tom who has been hitting on Ann since the show started. April approaches Ann and convinces herto go grab drinks with Tom. We end the episode not knowing for sure how the date turned out, but it's still great to see these two together.

To me, Parks and Recreation has never been better, and this episode continues that trend. It'll be interesting to see where the Tom and Ann storyline will go; I personally would love to see these two have a fling. And this Valentine's Day, I am nominating Leslie and Ben for cutest couple on TV. Seeing the effort she went into the scavenger hunt, and seeing how happy they are together...I can't even handle it!

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