February 9, 2012

thursday tv preview - 2/9/12

Last week we saw how Pawnee does Valentine's Day on Parks and Recreation, and tonight we will what the holiday has in store for the 30 Rock crew.

In "Hey, Baby, What's Wrong," Liz and her hunky boyfriend Criss (played by my longtime crush James Marsden) will do a little shopping; Jack's mother-in-law will fixit; Jenna and Pete will prepare for her first performance on America's Kidz Got Singing; and Tracy and Frank will help Lutz get some loving this Valentine's Day.

I missed the previous three episodes of 30 Rock, but I will post my reviews of them by this weekend. (Better late than never, ey?) This will cover:
•  "Idiots Are People Three!'
•  "The Ballad of Kenneth Parcell"
•  "Today You Are a Man"

I'll skip order, though, and post tonight's episode, tomorrow.

Parks and Recreation will not have a new episode, tonight, but next week's sounds fantastic. Titled "Dave Returns," fellow Parks and Rec fans will love seeing Louis C.K. make an appearance as Leslie's ex-boyfriend.

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