February 23, 2012

writersLNK - february

As some of you know, some of my local friends and I recently created a writing group based here in Lincoln. WritersLNK provides local writers an opportunity to network, discuss writing and share their latest projects. (We also hold write-ins a couple of times a month, which has been a lot of fun.)

One element of WritersLNK that I love is the opportunity to be a blogger for the group. Every Tuesday, I write a post about some writing or reading topic.

I hope you will check out the posts I have contributed the past four weeks. Enjoy!

Community Matters

Our Inaugural WritersLNK Write-in last night reminded me of this past fall, when meeting with fellow authors to write in mass pushed me to meet my goals.

Seated in a coffee shop, with earbuds in and music up, I opened a Word document. The cursor blinked on the screen while I willed the words to form for my latest WIP.
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Be My Guest

One of my favorite roles as a part-time blogger is being a blog tour host. Blog tours provide authors an opportunity to promote their material and gain feedback with reviews on participating blogs. It's great for authors. Either they manage the blog tour themselves or they pay a reasonable fee to have someone else do it. (Or they're lucky enough to have a publicist who tackles the whole thing.)
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When I love a book, chances are I will re-read it dozens of times. I actually have a rotation of books that I read annually. One of my high school English teachers chastised me for this practice.

"There are so many books in the world, Laura," she said. "Why would you waste your time reading one again?"

At the time I blew off her comment. After all, it is my life and my time. I can do what I want.
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Get in the Mood

Whether I'm writing an article for work or penning my future best-selling novel (I'm working on it, folks), I have to be in the mood. While I find it easier to prepare for my work and blog articles, I still have to get myself in the right mind-set no matter what.

Here are a few tricks of the trade I have learned through the years to get me in the writing spirit:
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