March 26, 2012

book review: memoirs of a mom on the edge, part one: martinis & menopause

Elizabeth Loan gives a hilarious and relatable glimpse into her life as a mom of five in Memoirs of a Mom on the Edge, Part One: Martinis & Menopause.

Even if you are like me and not a mom -- unless you count my ridiculous cats, but let's not, because that's sad -- this book was a fun and quick read perfect for a Saturday morning on the patio.

Based on posts from her hilarious blog, Loan shares episodes from her life, such as going against her lifelong promises to buy name brand foods and becoming a generic food junkie and more. Anyone who has ever lived with a man, whether he is your father, brother, husband, children or roommate, will enjoy this. (Like when she mentioned the infamous pee puddles that seem to spring up around boys' toilets. Barf.)

In addition to sharing stories about her present day life as a moment, she also pays homage to her youth, which involves spending one year on the road traveling Europe with her parents and family.

Well told, funny and a quick read, women -- and maybe some of you self-aware men -- should find this a worthwhile use of a couple of hours.

Rating: 4 of 5

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