March 20, 2012

script frenzy: i'm in

Novelists know November is National Novel Writing Month, but April gives screenwriters an opportunity to build their page count with Script Frenzy.

Because I love a challenge, love punishing myself — and am frankly a little crazy — I'm making 2012 my debut year as a Script Frenzy participant. The plan: write 100 pages in 30 days. I signed up yesterday and for better or worse, I'm in.

I took a screenwriting class in college, but since then my writing has been limited to my blog, novel and job. I'm excited to use this as another opportunity for expressing my creativity. I loved my previous experiences writing scripts. Film tells stories in a different way than books do. Each has its merits. I hope that by the time April 30 rolls around, I not only have the page counts, but a positive experience writing in a different format.

I am a firm believer that writing in different formats and styles will ultimately make me a better writer in general. Plus, I just really want to write a script.

This will also be a chance for me to try something different while a few friends critique the novel I finished earlier this month. (I'm almost done with my edits!)
But why Script Frenzy? Because I have done NaNoWriMo twice, and both times it got my butt into gear and forced me to write. Even if I don't hit 100 pages by April 30, at least I went for it.

Taking the advice of a previous Script Frenzy participant, I will use this experience to work on a web series I've wanted to write for a few months. Now, I'll be doing this as a bit of a rebel. I've written part of an episode, but I have another 100 pages to go to finish the series.

I'm well into the planning process. I'll be sure to share any tips I come across, which you might be able to use, too. 

Anyone else thinking to do Script Frenzy this year? If so, look me up and add me as a buddy: elle.chapman. Best of luck to all! 

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