April 2, 2012

book review: blame it on the fame

Award show junkies and cinema fans alike will find an entertaining and well-executed read in Tracie Banister's debut novel, Blame it on the Fame.

The ballots are in, and the story begins as Hollywood announces its nominees for the upcoming Academy Awards. Up for best actress are a golden girl with a careful image to mask her natural bitchiness; an unknown Brit who can't seem to stay away from her bad boy ex-boyfriend/co-star; an ex-model turned actress who loves parties, too much; the daughter of two past Oscar winners keeping a big secret from the world; and a comeback has-been warring a personal battle.

The nominees for best actress differ in their reactions, revealing their true colors to those closest to them. In the weeks that follow, each takes her own approach to campaigning for the award, developing rivalries and friendships along the way. From who is wearing what dress to what interviews they can do to kiss up to the voters, the action continues all the way to the big night.

While capturing the excitement surrounding the award season, what makes the story most interesting is each woman's personal story. It addresses complex issues, such as mental health, sexuality and addiction with enough care to be sensitive, but enough humor to keep the story fun. It also shows that it does not matter if you are a big-time Hollywood actress or reader, the most important part of life is finding people who love and care about you no matter who you are.

Banister effectively captures the voice and spirit of each woman throughout the story. Fast-paced, well-developed and an overall captivating story, the story keeps your interest and suspense as we wait to hear who will take home Oscar gold.

I hope to see more from Banister in the future.

Rating: 4.5 of 5

For more information about the author, visit her blog: http://traciebanister.blogspot.com/. 

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  1. Great review! I loved "Blame it on the Fame" - I highly recommend it!

  2. Ohhhh!! This sound sounds fun! Great review!