April 19, 2012

book review: fifty shades of grey

E L James' debut novel Fifty Shades of Grey had me blushing fifty shades of pink before I was halfway through the story.

Ana Steele is about to graduate college, but first she volunteers to interview Christian Grey, the university's elusive eligible bachelor benefactor. Sparks fly instantly between the pair, and Ana soon finds herself the object of Mr. Grey's interest.

Innocent to relationships and sex, Christian catches her off guard with an indecent proposal to be the submissive to his dominant self -- in and out of the bedroom. In return, Christian agrees to delve into a side of relationships he has never before embarked on: intimacy and romance. What follows is a journey filled with confusion and turmoil as each tries to make it work without compromising who they are.

For me the book was a D, but only if D stands for dirty, delightful and definitely delicious. No stranger to romance, but a relative innocent to erotica, the book's sexiest moments had me muffling my giggles in a pillow so as not to disturb the broomies upstairs. Paired with the sexy came equally sentimental, funny and intriguing moments, which made the story whole.

Fast-paced and entertaining, with well-developed characters with history too deep to divulge in one book, Fifty Shades had me turning the pages furiously in my race to the end. Beyond the suspense and steam, the book was written and paced well, making it an enjoyable and easy read.

The widely popular eBook is now available in mass print, gaining notoriety as "mommy porn." But beyond the steamy sex and tension lies even greater issues, which the author handles beautifully. More than a story about sexual preferences and a virtuous woman versus a libertine, the book delves into complex issues about adoption, abandonment and feminism.

With a surprise twist to the conclusion, the novel successfully made me care about the characters and the story enough to start the second book within minutes of finishing the book.

Rating: 4.5 of 5

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  1. I might have to buy this one...really intrigued to see what I'd think of this breakout book!

  2. A virtuous woman vs. a libertine eh? Hmm..maybe this can be my summer read, when I finally take break post-sequel, thanks! :-)

    1. I am quite the wordsmith, ey? :) I hope you will read it. Just do it in private or risk publicly blushing like crazy like I did.

  3. I can't wait for the movie. I loved the books. I should agree these are the best written books.
    Fifty Shades Movie