April 30, 2012

excerpt: love by design

Blogger's Note: I'm pleased to have Liz Matis stop by to share an excerpt of Love by Design as part of her Chick Lit Plus blog tour. This is a spicy read -- just look at that book cover. I get giggly and blush every time I see it. Enjoy at your own risk.

About Liz Matis' Love by Design:

Design Intervention starts the second season with its own surprise makeover. Interior designer Victoria Bryce must break in her temporary co-host, Aussie Russ Rowland. Victoria, former socialite wild child hopes the reality show will give her the clout to launch her own design line without her family connections. Russ, former bad boy Australian TV star is using the show to launch his acting career in the States. Sparks fly on camera as they argue over paint colors and measurement mishaps leading to passions igniting behind the scenes. But when their pasts collide with the present will the foundation they built withstand the final reveal?

Excerpt from Love by Design:
The glossy ink blackness of her hair should’ve made the pale color of her skin appear washed out, but instead it shone like a South Sea pearl he once retrieved on a dive when he was twenty-six. Russ didn’t have to caress the elegant curve of her neck to see if she was just as smooth. But he wanted to.

The sharp angled cuts of her hair mirrored her cheekbones, contrasting with full soft lips tinted with pink gloss. He wondered if it was of the flavored variety. Cherry? No, not red enough. Bubblegum? She licked her lips as if he’d willed her to do so. Maybe he had.

Dressed all in black, from the killer spiked heels, leather skirt, and v-neck shirt, she resembled a comic book vixen. Except for the eyes. As clear blue as the waters off of Fraser Island, her eyes were like going through the New York steel jungle and coming upon Central Park. Unexpected, but welcomed. A haven. A haven?

“Russ, do you think you can handle that?” asked Brett Hartman.

“No worries.” With Victoria doing a walkabout inside his brain, he had no idea what Brett had said.

As beautiful as a comic book vixen and just as dangerous, easily leading a man to his nefarious end. You’d think he would’ve learned the lesson taught to him only a month ago, sending him a half a world away to start over. Russ always thought of himself as a smart guy, but one look at Victoria had dropped is IQ by a third and him behaving like the bad boy the Australian press made him out to be.

Not that he was a saint. Far from it. But he would never leave a woman at the altar because he’d never agree to arrive there in the first place. Just the word sent a shiver down his spine. To him, altar was synonymous with sacrifice, with his balls offered up to the matrimonial gods.

Much to his mum’s distress, Russ was a bachelor for life. Did that make him a bad boy? No, but the things he wanted to do to Victoria’s body did.  

About the Author
Liz Matis is a mild manner accountant by day and by night a writer of fun, flirty, and fiery romps! She is a Kindle Best Seller and winner of the NECRWA First Kiss Contest. Married 26 years and counting she believes in happy ever afters.

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