April 17, 2012

frenzy update - 4/17/12

We're past the halfway point for Script Frenzy 2012 and... I am officially behind.

I overindulged in some well-done smut this weekend (the Fifty Shades trilogy). I have no regrets. By now you might know me and how I work. Once I get rolling with something, I don't quit. Instead of making me feel behind, I return from my weekend in fiction refreshed and ready to do some major writing. And like I owned that trilogy this weekend, I'll get these pages done.

Right now, I'm sitting at about 45 pages written on the web series and another 2,000 words on the accompanying novel. Would I like to have those numbers higher? Yes. Do I wish I would have stuck to my writing schedule better? Sure. Do I think I will still hit 100 pages before April 30? Absolutely.

How do I know? I just do. I've set new writing goals to ensure I make that deadline. Even if I have another slip up, I still have room. Like in previous weeks, I find I do most of my writing in big chunks rather than little picking.

Plus, I don't plan to start another can't-put-it-down trilogy before the month is up. At least that's the plan...

I am also in a zen-like state with my writing. I figure the worst that can happen now is I don't hit 100 pages by April 30, but I still have a majority of the series written. If that's the worst thing at this point, then how can I be upset? Having that mind-set keeps me relaxed and makes writing easier. If I freak out, I'll shut down. Then where will I be?

So, with that, I'll throw myself back into the world of bars and bros. (And that's all I'm saying about that plot for the moment.) Not to mention, I have three book reviews to write for a trilogy (those will be up tomorrow).

How are the rest of you doing on your Frenzy projects? Any fun anecdotes or tips to share with the rest of the class?

Happy writing -- and may the words be ever in your favor. OK. I'm a total dork. I'll go write.

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  1. "Instead of making me feel behind, I return from my weekend in fiction refreshed and ready to do some major writing"
    makes me think of Phil in Anne of the Island, saying the girls' philosophy was "play your play and then dig in." It's what works for me as well.
    Keep on keeping on!