April 26, 2012

new spin to reading

As mentioned in previous posts, the book I am working on centers around a bar where the main character and half of the secondary characters work. Everyone else is a regular customer, so a lot of the story takes place inside the hallowed halls of a drinking establishment.

If you follow me on Twitter, then you know I am taking my commitment to this story to a whole new level. I've done a lot of first-hand research by hanging around a couple of bars every weekend. OK, what it really comes down to is my little sister is a bartender downtown, and I like to visit her on the weekends. And I also like vodka. But, I do a lot of research while I'm there. I watch how the regular and not-so-regular customers interact. I watch the different bartending/cocktail waitressing styles of the staff. And I put it all together to create the ambiance in my book's bar.

On the rare occasion I have a little more to drink than I should, my little sister has me wait at the bar until after close so she can make sure I get home safely. In preparation for the possibility of spending an hour alone at a bar while the staff cleans up, I've started packing a book along. Mind you, I can't read if I'm too inebriated, so I always make sure to keep a certain level-headedness to ensure the readings are good.

Do you know how fun it is to read in a bar?

Blog followers will also recall that I converted turned my home's basement bar into a barbrary -- half bar, half library -- and I distributed a majority of my World Book Night 2012 books in bars during happy hour.

From where I'm standing, books and booze go hand-in-hand. With that thought fresh on my mind, I decided it might be fun to recreate some of the notable beverages mentioned in my favorite books in a manner similar to the way I've made food from the same stories.

So, tomorrow, and whenever the mood strikes me...

... will be...

Never fear, Reading in the Kitchen fans, I will still run those posts, too. This will just be a different take from time to time. Let me know if you think of any boozey book moments you would like me to feature.

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