April 30, 2012

review: love by design

Sexual tension in the workplace has never been greater than in Liz Matis’ Love By Design.

Victoria Bryce is living her dream as the host of the successful home makeover show “Design Intervention.” But when her fabulous co-host takes an indefinite sabbatical, she finds herself paired with Russ Rowland, an Aussie invader better known for being built than what he builds.

Sparks fly instantly between the Victoria and Russ. Though both are willing to admit the fact to themselves, neither is willing to give in to their more carnal impulses. He’s not her type – she does not deal with bad boys. And she’s not his kind of girl either – she is a lady, which means she comes with the trappings of commitment rather than a one night stand. Each knows the other is off limits as long as they have a professional relationship. But the longings are deliciously there.

Fortunately for us readers, the two don't waste much time fighting those urges. Or doing anything else for that matter.

Frankly, I was blushing before I even started this book. I mean, look at the cover. Total swoon. I'm pleased (or flustered) to report the contents lived up to the standard set by that picture. Now to change the subject before I start giggling again.

Though a bit frigid, Victoria is likeable. Instantly, the reader knows most of her hang-ups come from a lifetime with an overbearing socialite mother. In one aspect, she is her own woman, or wants to be. In the other, she cannot shake her mother’s influence.

Russ is totally crushable and adorable from his grand entrance. The man has a lot going on for him. Physically, he is a hunk of Aussie man, well-built and gorgeous. Personally, he is a bad boy packed with edge, wit and charm out. If his abs are anything like the ones on the cover of this book, holy crikey! (Back to that cover. Oh no!) Plus, he teaches Victoria and her friends Australian slang and has a fantastic little secret that left me humming Men At Work's "Land Down Under" long after I finished the book.

Go ahead and watch the video so you can have it stuck in your head, too.

Though maybe not the most realistic of circumstances -- unfortunately -- because everything happens so fast, the whirlwind of Victoria an Russ' romance is fun to follow. The banter between the two had me laughing at loud almost as often as other scenes had me turning crimson.

Humorous and sexy at the same time, Love By Design is a fast and enjoyable read. Matis knows how to tell an entertaining story that had me laughing and blushing at the same time.

Rating: 4 of 5

About the Author
Liz Matis is a mild manner accountant by day and by night a writer of fun, flirty, and fiery romps! She is a Kindle Best Seller and winner of the NECRWA First Kiss Contest. Married 26 years and counting she believes in happy ever afters.

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  1. I really enjoyed this book and would recommend to eveyrone! Great review!

  2. Loved the review, I can't believe I still haven't read this book -- sounds like a good time :)