April 26, 2012

script frenzy update - 4/26

Another eventful week for the books, but I have to be brief -- I have a 100-page deadline to meet.

First, and most important, I caught up on my Script Frenzy projects, as promised. I am on target to finish by April 30, if not sooner. So... yay.

How did I do it? Mainly, I forced myself to write in long stretches. I found that while I can dabble at my novel with 100 words here or 6,000 words there, I do my best screenwriting in big chunks of time. For example, last night I wrote seven pages in a few hours put together. While I managed a couple of others throughout the day, I did my best work when I sat down, focused and went for it.

There's a lesson to be had there, I'm sure.

As a reward for hitting 50 pages, I spent three hours at the salon getting my hair summerfied. I found my first gray hair four years ago, and at 25, I'm not giving up without a fight. In addition to feeling happier with my well-covered roots and some highlights for spring and summer, the salon also gave me time to think about my writing projects. I plotted out a scene and dialogue while the stylist took my hair lighter than it has been since I was 6.

Between the screenwriting, book reading/reviewing, hair changing, book giving (for World Book Night 2012) and bouts of mayhem with my friends (another Saturday night of research for my bar-based book?), I also worked on my latest novel. It's a slow, but steady process at the moment. I'll hope to do some real damage on that word count come next month.

With that, it's back to writing for me. Wish me luck as I head to the finish. Be sure to check back tomorrow for an all new Reading in the Kitchen, which also plays homage to a recipe from the past.

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