April 24, 2012

wbn a success

I'm calling it: World Book Night 2012 was a success. Thanks to my little sister who came along for the ride, we gave away 20 copies of John Irving's A Prayer for Owen Meany throughout Lincoln.

Overall the response was positive. Once people figured out that they didn't have to buy anything and heard about WBN's mission, they were pleased for the gift. They liked the premise of WBN and hoped this year went well enough for it to come back next year. And more importantly, everyone who took a copy said they would at least try reading it.

Here are photos and Tweets from the day:

Giving a book to a co-worker who is a light-reader. Jess enjoys reading, but
says she doesn't make time. She plans to add reading to her schedule.
Hitting downtown Lincoln with my sister during Happy
Hour. Armed with books, we hit up the after work crowd
on O Street, Lincoln's main street.
First stop of the night: Cliff's Lounge, where we shared a few books and
discussion over Happy Hour cocktails.
We also gave out books at a pizza parlor on O Street.

@lmchap: No. 1 question asked: What do I have to do with this? Does it cost anything. Me/ : It's free. Just read it.

@lmchap: No. 2: Is this a religious book? Us: No. Just undertones. Seriously. Read it.

@lmchap: Main reason people said they don't read: lack of time. We discussed ways to make time.

@lmchap: Overall, once people understood what we were about, they loved the concept of and hoped it would continue in the future.

Thank you to everyone who gave their support. It was great to receive Tweets and messages throughout the day from fellow givers and readers. It was a positive experience, and I enjoyed talking books with strangers and acquaintances alike. Hopefully, I'll have the chance to do it again next year.

Read about my thoughts and goals going into WBN here.

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