May 3, 2012

book swap

Today, I want to share an awesome project my friend, Whitney, and her husband, Nathan, did for her blog this week. Both are avid readers, but their taste differ. So, as a fun challenge, they exchanged books with each other and blogged about their thoughts.

About their challenge (from Word Fancies): 
In the dating world, not everyone gets what it is like to really, really, really love reading. So obviously, one of the first things I absolutely loved about Nathan was that he, like me, was (and still is) an avid reader. However, what we read is completely different. He reads, not exclusively but mostly, science fiction and fantasy. I read, well, basically everything BUT science fiction and fantasy.

Even though we don't read the same books, we can still talk about the books we're reading with each other in a general sense. But wouldn't it be more fun if each of us had more of a context of what the other was talking about? That's what we thought, too, and that's how we came up with a book swap: I would read a book chosen by Nathan and he would read one chosen by me. Here are the books we chose for each other and why we chose them. This week, we'll also both be sharing our thoughts on the book we read.
Their selected readings: 
•  Whitney's Book Choice For Nathan: Gone With The Wind, by Margaret Mitchell
•  Nathan' s Book Choice For Whitney: Dune, by Frank Herbert

Read about why they made these selections here.

How did it turn out?
•  Read Nathan's thoughts on Gone With the Wind here.
•  Read Whitney's thoughts on Dune here.

My thoughts:
Simply put: I love it.  When Whitney told me their plan, I could hardly wait to read the results. Not only is this a great project for a couple to work on together, but look at the results. Through this challenge, each of them read stories unlike others in their regular to-read pile. All too often we get comfortable in our favorite genres and never think to look for reads outside of it. Sometimes, you might end up finding a new genre to love.

On a more personal level, I think it illustrates their willingness to try something new just because the other person likes it. How nice is that?

Please check out their original posts. I am sure you will enjoy them, too.

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  1. Fantastic idea. I love that they are sharing their thoughts about it with others.