June 30, 2012

book reviews: june 2012 recap

I did not sneak in as much reading this month as I usually like, but June definitely had some good reads.

Check out my rundown of June's reviewed titles, including my read of the month: Lauren Clark's Dancing Naked in Dixie.

Finding Felicity by Monica Marlowe
Rating: 4 of 5
Monica Marlowe's Finding Felicity tells the story about love, loss, forgiveness and spiritual development.

Madeline O'Connor's world takes a drastic change when she learns her estranged sister is ill. She leaves behind her career-driven New York City lifestyle to be with her sister in Italy as she fights her illness. There, stays at a Benedictine monastery where she meets and falls for Brother Anthony Lamberti who takes her on an emotional and spiritual journey. New Yorker Tyler Reed also enters her life, bringing a less-complicated and also deep level of feelings to her life.

Madeline finds herself in a complicated triangle in which nothing, not even deciding who she wants to spend her life with, is easy to determine.
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BaSatai: Outside In by Suzan Battah
Rating: 4 of 5
Suzan Battah's BaSatai: Outside In tells the story of a girl growing up in a world different from her own and trying, but failing to fit in while fighting the natural instincts of who she is.

Seventeen years ago Armani, a BaSatai, was born and sent to live on Earth as a form of protection from a curse in her blood. The curse would cause the destruction of Earth and H-trae, her home planet, if she dies. After growing up with Elijah, who was tasked with caring for and raising her as an Earthling, she learns the truth behind her life. Constantly feeling like an outsider, Armani realizes her natural inclinations are the result of her true identity, and she fights the destiny that is set out for her.

Enter Karhl, her guardian, and Rafael, a warrior, who are tasked to prepare her for the changes that must come in her life. Add a dash of attraction, romance and jealousy, and there is a bit more complication to her already complicated life.
Read the rest of the review here.

Dancing Naked in Dixie by Lauren Clark *READ OF THE MONTH*
Rating: 5 of 5
Lauren Clark is back with her sophomore novel, Dancing Naked in Dixie, a story about an adventurous woman who has one last chance.

Julia Sullivan is a travel writer accustomed to a life of passports, hotels and international flights. That comes to a sudden stop when her new boss sends her on assignment to Alabama with the understanding that she do well or lose her job, because of the lack of quality in work as of late. Though annoyed, Julia realizes she has no choice but to do well or say hello to unemployment.

Once in the small Alabama town, Julia finds more than she bargained for in the cast of quirky characters, including a new romance with a southern gentleman/historian.
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Jennifer's Garden by Dianne Venetta
Rating: 4 of 5
In Dianne Venetta's Jennifer's Garden, the title character's life undergoes significant changes and turmoil as she faces the loss of one life and the beginning of another.

Cardiologist Jennifer Hamilton's mother is dying. As she copes with the grief of the impending loss, she is determined to give her mother one last gift: the joy of seeing her married well and settled. Though she does not have strong feelings for her future husband, he looks well on paper, which is good enough for her, even though her friends object. In preparation for her big day to tie the knot, she hires a gardener to reform her backyard in time for her nuptials.

Enter Jackson Montgomery, the sexy man in charge of turning her garden into a paradise. Though not the kind of man on the checklist she has carried around forever, he makes an impression on Jennifer. Before long, Jax and Jennifer are sharing more than a difference of opinion on life and love, but a mutual romance.
Read the rest of the review here.

I Couldn't Love You More by Jillian Medoff
Rating: 4.5 of 5
Jillian Medoff's I Couldn't Love You More is an emotional yet often humorous story about choices, consequences, forgiveness and family.

Eliot Gordon is happily plugging away at life in Atlanta as a mom to an adorable four-year-old, bonus mom to two other daughters and a committed partner to Grant Delaney. Kept busy with her own family and job, she also enjoys a close-knit relationship with her two sisters and mother. Even though Grant's ex-wife proves a challenge to their lives and Eliot no longer speaks to her father, she is basically content.

Everything changes when Eliot's college boyfriend Finn Montgomery returns after more than ten years away in New York City. 
Read the rest of the review here.

I'll be back with more reviews in July. There are a lot on the calendar, so look forward to that.

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  1. Thank you Laura Chapman :) I've been looking at I Couldn't Love You More ... looks like I need to pick it up!! Happy Independence Day!!!

    xx, Lauren