June 20, 2012

dreams to reality

After celebrating another birthday with my family and friends last week, I find myself in a self-reflective and deep-thinking mindset. Who am I now? Who do I want to be tomorrow? How do I get there. No matter what part of my life I look at, it all comes back to having goals and dreams.

Goals and dreams are the foundation of everything. Whether you want to write and publish a book or buy a new home, it all begins with a hope and wish. Your wish may stay in dream mode for hours or years, but it does not make it any less significant.

It is also OK to change your goals and dreams. You owe no one, but yourself, an explanation for the reasons. We change a little (or a lot) every day. It is natural your goals should change, too.

Sometimes, your goals may conflict with one another. For example, one part of me longs to be a homeowner while the other wants to ditch all of my obligations to go be a starving artist in Los Angeles or New York. The actual course I will take is likely somewhere in between, but it is still fun to consider the possibilities of each.

In college my friend gave me a plaque with the words, "Let your dreams guide your steps." At 20 I found the words inspiring. Several years later, I still look to them for motivation. The plaque hangs on a wall in my barbrary, and I look at it every day. It reminds me that every action I take will ultimately affect the outcome of my goals and dreams.

You cannot expect to achieve your goals simply by dreaming them. You have to want them. You have to work toward them. You have to let them guide you even if the journey is hard. Life is about the journey, so make it a good one.

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