July 19, 2012

the dark knight: who wore it best?

I always wanted to work at a fashion magazine. Granted, I wanted to be the person who did all the stories about health and safety with a dabble in celebrity profiles, but the desire was there regardless.

Channeling the Cosmo girl I suppressed inside of me the moment I sold out and went into corporate communications, I decided to take what little fashion savvy I had and pose a question just in time for the release of The Dark Knight Rises (in theaters at midnight tonight).

That's right, it's a Batman Faceoff, and you get to weigh in. Who wore Batman best?

I'm attending the midnight premiere with a few friends. I went to the midnight showing of the last film and had a great time, so my expectations are pretty high, movie industry.

If anyone else goes to see it this weekend, I'd be glad to dish on it with you later. Give me a shout on FB or Twitter... or here.

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